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Tactical Green Infrastructure is helping regenerate green space and hydrologic function within our cities - one space at a time.

Tactical Green Infrastructure is a specialized professional design methodology, founded by Kevin Robert Perry, that assists the local community, as well as public and private agencies, to identify, design, and construct expedited green infrastructure demonstration projects.  This highly-interactive design and implementation process often enlists the effort of volunteer personnel, repurposes or procures local donated construction materials, identifies potential project funding sources, and helps educate the general public on the basic principles of green infrastructure.

Tactical Green Infrastructure projects employ a series of key principles that make them successful: Simplicity, Cost-effectiveness, High Visibility, Beauty, Inspiration, and Quickly Built.

1.  Simple green infrastructure relies on a landscaped-based approach to manage stormwater with little or no reliance on traditional piped stormwater conveyance or underground mechanical/rock storage systems.

2.  Low-cost green infrastructure allows the design to reduce the cost implementation without sacrificing aesthetics or function.

3.  Highly Visible green infrastructure projects provide the maximum education and outreach benefit to the community. 


4.  Beautiful green infrastructure showcases how the functional landscape can be intriguing and aesthetically pleasing in all seasons with little maintenance burden.

5.  Inspirational green infrastructure provides city agencies, businesses, and the general public ideas on how to transform underperforming spaces into highly-functional stormwater landscape systems.

6.  Quickly Built green infrastructure allows the project identification, design, and construction process to be completed within a couple of months.

Kevin Robert Perry’s use of Tactical Green Infrastructure has yielded many simple, low-cost, elegant, and highly-functional retrofit projects over the last 20 years. 


Urban Rain Design is currently assisting clients with both individual, site-specific Tactical Green Infrastructure projects as well as larger scale Tactical Green Infrastructure Master Plans.  

The Pacific Rim Tactical Green Infrastructure Project
Urban Rain Design is currently leading an effort to expand the Tactical Green Infrastructure implementation methodology up and down the western coast of the United States and Canada.  Working with universities and design professionals in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, the Pacific Rim Tactical Green Infrastructure Project is developing concept designs to retrofit multiple school and park sites with sustainable stormwater management.  Click on the project brief below for more information.
Pacific Rim Tactical Green Infrastructur

Tactical Green Infrastructure Projects

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