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SW 12th Avenue Green Street

Portland, Oregon

The SW 12th Avenue Green Street project, located adjacent to Portland State University in downtown Portland, is unique to Portland and the United States in the way the pedestrian zone of this street has been transformed to sustainably manage street stormwater runoff. This urban green street project converts the previously underutilized landscape area between the sidewalk and street curb into a series of landscaped stormwater planters designed to capture, slow, cleanse, and infiltrate street runoff. Constructed in June 2005, this street retrofit project demonstrates how both new and existing streets in downtown or highly urbanized areas can be designed to provide direct environmental benefits and be aesthetically integrated into the urban streetscape. This project has received a 2006 National ASLA Professional Award of Honor and a 2006 Oregon ASLA Visionary Design Award of Honor. Kevin Robert Perry designed the SW 12th Avenue Green Street while working for the City of Portland’s Sustainable Stormwater Management Program.

"2006 Award of Honor National American Society of Landscape Architects" 
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