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Student Leadership in Green Infrastructure (SLGI)

University of California, Davis

Formed in 2016 by Kevin Robert Perry, the UC Davis Student Leadership in Green Infrastructure (SLGI) is a group of inter-disciplinary students who utilize Tactical Green Infrastructure™ to design, build, research, and advocate for simple and cost-effective green infrastructure projects on the UC Davis campus and surrounding California communities.  The SLGI group has completed several built green infrastructure retrofits on the UC Davis campus and is currently working with the City of Woodland in retrofitting a portion of a local park as an interactive rain garden landscape.  SLGI members also aim to connect with other students and professionals who have a passion for designing and building aesthetic and functional green spaces.  The mission for the SLGI group is to provide hands-on experience for students through building real projects, and to educate the public about green infrastructure by implementation of these projects.


Built Projects:


  • California Avenue Rain Garden (2016)

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Building Rain Garden (2017)

  • Young Hall Building Rain Garden (2019)

  • Western Center for Agricultural Equipment Rain Garden (2019)


Pending Built Projects:


  • Woodland Crawford Park Rain Garden (2020)

  • Davis Senior High School Rain Garden (2020)


Design Projects:


  • EPA Campus Rainworks Challenge Participants (2015, 2016, 2017)

  • Woodland Southwest Neighborhood Green Infrastructure Plan (2019)

  • Woodland City Hall Rain Garden (2020)

"Students learn from visiting lecturer Kevin Robert Perry how to retrofit the built environment with green infrastructure"