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Smith Memorial Student Union Plaza

Portland, Oregon

Kevin Robert Perry while working at NNA Landscape Architecture collaborated with Merryman Barnes Architects and Sisul Engineering to retrofit the Smith Memorial Student Union Plaza at Portland State University.  The project is the first of nine streetscape blocks identified with the SW Montgomery Green Street Concept Plan.  The plaza space was retrofitted with several green space elements design to capture and cleanse stormwater runoff.  The entire space was regraded to allow runoff to funnel into the prominent 5-foot wide “stormwater spine” running parallel to the building facades.  A series of sleek metal grate bridges allows pedestrians to cross over the stormwater spine, but allows water to flow underneath them.  Runoff from the university’s skybridge system is also directed into landscaped planters where it can infiltrate into the ground.  The plaza’s concept plan also identifies future improvements to potentially have multiple green walls placed along the envelope of the surrounding buildings.  The Smith Memorial Student Union Plaza has set the successful precedent for implementing the remaining eight blocks of the SW Montgomery Green Street.

"2012 Award of Honor National American Society of Landscape Architects as part of the Southwest Montgomery Green Street Concept Plan"
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