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California Prop 1 Stormwater Technical Design Assistance



Mendota, CA, Chowchilla, CA, Sand City, CA

Urban Rain Design is currently providing comprehensive stormwater management technical assistance to multiple disadvantaged communities throughout California.  Our task is to help cities, who may have limited design expertise and resources, identify green infrastructure projects and provide detailed design assistance towards projects that could be well-suited for Prop 1 stormwater implementation grant funding.  Currently, Urban Rain Design is assisting the City of Mendota, City of Sand City, and City of Chowchilla, California with the potential of 2-4 additional cities requesting assistance in 2019.   As the lead designer for the technical assistance team, Urban Rain Design has developed multiple concept plans for each respective city focusing on public R.O.W projects that marry the concepts of green streets and complete streets as well as urban park options that feature green infrastructure.  Design emphasis is placed on creating highly-functional and cost-effective stormwater solutions that also help minimize maintenance costs.  During the concept design process, Kevin Robert Perry has performed site investigations, pilot project identification, opportunity and constraints analyses, green infrastructure toolbox identification, concept plans, cross sections, illustrative “before and after” sketches, cost estimates, presented at multiple city council meetings, and helped prepare public engagement documents.  Urban Rain Design, working with local civil engineering firms, has also begun to create more detailed construction document packages for the eventual grant application submission.  This effort will provide more accurate cost estimates and performance modeling.

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