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NW Kennedy Street Neighborhood Green Street

Washington D.C.

In 2014, Urban Rain Design led a design team with Nitsch Engineering and the artistic talents of Stacy Levy to win in the DC Green Infrastructure Challenge Design Competition and has since been selected by DC Water to provide full-scale design services to implement the NW Kennedy Green Street Project.  This retrofit design of NW Kennedy Street will eliminate hundreds of thousands of gallons of stormwater entering the combined sewer system and does it in a vibrant and creative way.  The NW Kennedy Street design calls for multiple stormwater strategies along the street including stormwater curb extensions, new street trees, Landscape Infiltration Gaps (LIGs), pervious paving, boardwalk landscapes and sub-surface storage/infiltration. The design further promotes “complete street” concepts using curb bump-outs, sidewalk crossings, bike sharrows, and boardwalks to create a streetscape that is safe and comfortable for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Urban Rain Design was the primary landscape architect for the conceptual and has presented NW Kennedy Street to national audiences including the 2015 U.S. Water Alliance’s Summit and the 2014 ASLA Annual Meeting.  Based on the conceptual design, NW Kennedy Street has been awarded funding anticipated to be completed in 2019.