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NE Siskiyou Green Street

Portland, Oregon

While working for the City of Portland’s Sustainable Stormwater Management Program, Kevin Robert Perry designed the NE Siskiyou Green Street. This project was the first in its kind to retrofit a residential street with landscaped stormwater curb extensions. Constructed in the fall of 2003, these new curb extensions were designed to elegantly capture and infiltrate 10,000 square feet of street runoff prior to entering the combined sewer system. Nearly all of the annual runoff generated from the street is completely managed within its new landscape system. The residents near NE Siskiyou Street have also noted many ancillary benefits as a result of this green street project such as traffic calming, community-based environmental education, and the general “greening” of the neighborhood. The NE Siskiyou Green Street project has caught the attention of visitors from all over the United States, Europe, and Asia, and has won a 2007 National ASLA Professional Award of Honor in the General Design category and a 2006 Oregon ASLA Visionary Design Award of Honor.

"2007 Award of Honor National American Society of Landscape Architects" 
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