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The Low Line Design Competition

London, UK

Urban Rain Design collaborated with Raymond Papa and Hannah Levy to submit an entry into the Low Line Design Competition focusing on connecting multiple London neighborhoods (Bankside, London Bridge, and Bermondsey) using green infrastructure.  We called our design entry The Green Vine.   

Our concept of The Green Vine calls for a proactive approach to connect adjacent neighborhoods and rejuvenate the existing spaces currently ripe for green infrastructure and placemaking.  The Green Vine consists of three key components: Main Stems, Nodes, and Tendrils.  The Main Stems are a series of interconnected pedestrian-focused public streets and pathways that twist throughout neighborhood streets and strategically intersect with the Low Line at key locations.   This achieves the goal of providing a continuous pedestrian/cycling route throughout the Low Line and surrounding environment without needing to wait for new development to gradually accommodate better connectivity.  The Nodes of The Green Vine occur where stems directly intersect with the Low Line at locations where good pedestrian access, placemaking, and rejuvenation opportunity already exist today.  These Nodes provide the opportunity for quick urban regeneration and/or creation of large green infrastructure public space.  The Tendrils of The Green Vine are shoots of green infrastructure that reach out from stems and anchor to existing neighborhood parks, schools, civic institutions, and the River Thames.

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