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Rust-Belt Abandoned Chrysler Plant Site Design Competition

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Urban Rain Design collaborated with former UC Davis Landscape Architecture Students Ray Papa and Keith Scott to participate in the Rust-Belt Design Competition in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The project was to re-envision an abandoned  and contaminated Chrysler Engine Plant located in the middle of a residential community with a mixed-used urban infill project that inspires reinvestment into the neighborhood and the city as a whole.  Our team provided an inter-laced phasing of neighborhood retail, live/work mixed-use, urban parks and open space, and a Innovation Center Campus.  All of these uses are connected with a robust green infrastructure system to capture and treat runoff from buildings, streets, and parking lots.  The City of Kenosha is still reviewing options how this site might be transformed in the future, however our practical but bold ideas generated at Kenosha can be realized on similar large-scale brownfield redevelopment sites across the United States.

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