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20th Street Streetscape

Kansas City, Missouri

Kevin Robert Perry worked with El Dorado Architects, Inc. in the planning of five blocks of 20th Street, an important residential, commercial, and artistic corridor in the Crossroads Art District Neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. Built in 2016, the 20th Street Streetscape project’s 100’ right-of-way was put on an extreme road diet that yielded significant new stormwater landscaping, new bike lanes, wider sidewalks, new pedestrian crossings, and interpretative signage.  Urban Rain Design worked collaboratively with the design team and City staff to create a beautiful downtown street that is equally accessible to pedestrians, cars, cyclists, and buses.  New public green space, street trees and plantings, and safe and efficient parking has drastically improved the street for residents, visitors, and businesses in the neighborhood. The streetscape design focuses on the five primary goals of the Greater Downtown Area Plan: Create a walkable downtown, double the population downtown, increase employment downtown, retain and promote safe, authentic neighborhoods, and promote sustainability.   The 20th Street Streetscape was recognized as a 2016 Mid America Regional Council’s “Sustainable Success Stories Honoree.” 


"2016 Mid America Regional Council's Sustainable Success Stories Honoree" 
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