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Brisbane City Hall Rain Garden

Brisbane, California

In 2008, Kevin Robert Perry, while working at NNA Landscape Architecture, was invited by the City of Brisbane to retrofit their City Hall site with multiple site strategies that would demonstrate sustainable stormwater management. The existing site previously had its parking lot paved completely to the face of the City Hall building with a very inefficient parking layout. All of the site’s stormwater was conveyed directly into the underground piped system. Kevin Robert Perry identified these inefficiencies as an opportunity to redesign the parking lot space to yield a large rain garden that would capture stormwater runoff from the parking lot as well as a portion of the City Hall building.

The result is a highly aesthetic landscaped rain garden space that graces the front door of the new City Hall. The more efficient site design redesigned site allowed for space for the rain garden, a small plaza space, and bike parking the without any loss of vehicular parking and a much safer pedestrian circulation system. Interpretative signage is also placed at the rain garden to let visitors know that this is a functional landscape space.

"We gained a beautiful 2,000 square foot rain garden and didn't lose a single parking space"
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