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Urban Rain Design working with The California Student Leadership in Green Infrastructure has won a 2020 ASLA California Sierra Chapter Merit Award for “Tactical Green Infrastructure”. Congratulations to all the UC Davis students who have helped build five outstanding projects in the last couple of years! In addition, a special thanks to Permaloc Corporation and Hunter Industries for donating construction material on multiple occasions to help make these green infrastructure retrofits a reality.  

2014 National Winner:
DC Water Green Infrastructure Challenge:  NW Kennedy Green Street Project

DC Water has awarded over $2 million for construction of Green Infrastructure (GI)        practices to be implemented on the 100 block of Kennedy Street NW based on the winning concept design completed by Urban Rain Design, Nitsch Engineering, Stacy Levy, Warner Larson Inc., EBA Engineering Inc., McKissack & McKissack, and Tina Boyd & Associates.  

2016 CASQA Award Winner:
2015 Urban Development Project of the Year:

Implementation of the City of Sacramento LID Standards at California State University,Sacramento, California

The project included design, construction and monitoring of multiple LID best management practices (BMPs) and one green street on the Sacramento State campus. 

2016 Mid America Regional Council Award of Honor:
Annual Sustainable Success Story:  20th Street Streetscape Project

The 20th Street Streetscape project significantly changes the character of the street between Grand and Southwest boulevards by incorporating bicycle facilities, widening sidewalks, reducing the number of vehicle lanes, and incorporating best management practices such as bioswales to help manage stormwater runoff.  

2012 National ASLA Award of Honor:
Analysis and Planning:  Southwest Montgomery Green Street Concept Plan

“Clean, refreshing, crisp, and stellar. Most cities do piecemeal solutions, but this sets the bar for other cities and lets people know this isn’t just landscaping"

-2012 Professional Awards Jury

2011 National ASLA Award of Honor:
Communications:  San Mateo Countywide Sustainable Green Streets and Parking Lots Design Guidebook

“An excellent tool for communicating with public officials and constituents. Beautifully illustrated and very approachable. Great before and after shots and so many examples”

-2011 Professional Awards Jury

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